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Adventure at the Mall | Sex Stories Post

We had talked about it the night before, but it still surprised when my girlfriend started to wake me up. She shook me gently, and whispered in my ear, “Good morning slut, it’s time to wake up my little whore.” I opened my eyes to see her next to me. “Hello slut, are you ready for today?” I nodded my head yes, still not 100 percent sure what was going to happen to me today.

My girlfriend was dressed in a nice yellow summer dress. She looked beautiful as usual; with a dominant sinister look today, so I could only guess what was on the agenda.

As soon as I stood up out of bed, wearing only boxers, I was forced face down on the bed, and my boxers were pulled down to my ankles. I quickly looked behind me, where I saw my girlfriend lifting up her skirt revealing that she was wearing her strap on.

Right when I turned around, I felt her cock ram straight up my ass. She really must’ve have thought this through, because her cock was already lubed up for me. I was fucked hard and fast, needing time to catch my breath. She reached forward and started to hold my neck while riding me, choking me. Periodically she would use one of her hands to slap my ass, reminding me how much of a slut I was being.

“I hope you like this whore, because there is a lot more where this came from today for you.” She pushed her cock in to me with a big thrust one more time, before pulling out. As soon as she pulled out, I felt the tip of something at my slut hole, and with one hard push felt the whole thing, which turned out to be a butt plug, in my ass.

“Let’s start you out with a 2 inch butt plug. Dress light and meet me by the door to leave when your done,” and with that she walked out of the room just like that. Still feeling the butt plug in my ass, I put on gym shorts with no boxers, a t-shirt, and sneakers, and then walked out to meet her by the door.

As I walked toward the door, she saw me, and said, “took you long enough you little cock slut,” and gave me a huge slap across the face when I got to her. “Lets go,” and with that she reached behind me and pushed on the butt plug in my ass to made it ride up deeper. As we walked out, I noticed that she had a duffel bag with her. A million ideas were running through my head of what was in the bag and what I would be experiencing in a short time.

We stepped outside of our door, locked it, and she grabbed the collar of my shirt to forcibly dragged me to our car. She unlocked the passenger side door, and looked at me, pointed inside, and said, “Get in whore”. I ducked and got in, but not before she landed a huge slap on my ass. The edge of her fingers caught the butt plug, which made me gasp at the feeling.

I sat down and she closed the door, walked around to the driver side, threw the bag in to the back seat, and got in to start the car. As I sat there, the force from my weight on the butt plug kept a constant pressure on my ass the whole time.

She began to drive, and I could tell her knew exactly where she was going. The air conditioning inside was making me shiver, partly from the cold and park of it being nervous, and not knowing what was to happen. My nipples became hard and could be seen from the front of my shirt. The air was feeling nice though because of the June heat that was outside.

From all my thoughts about what was to happen, I was surprised when all of the sudden we pulled in to one of the many entrances to the local mall. My girlfriend pulled in to an empty spot surrounded by many other cars, all of whose owners were inside shopping.

Before shutting off the car, my girlfriend rolled the windows halfway down. I reached for the handle to get out, but she grabbed my shirt had said, “Where do you think your going?”

I was surprised by her response, so I said, “I thought we were going inside.” An evil smile crept across her face.

“I’m not ready to go inside yet.” With that, she pulled up the bottom of her dress, revealing that she still had the strap on strapped to her waist, which was a surprise to me. “First you need to get the fuck over here and suck my fucking cock you anal slut.”

She grabbed the back of my head and slammed my mouth down on her cock, and pushed down on my head to make sure I got all of it in my mouth. She choked me, but she didn’t care. I bobbed my head up and down on her cock, all the while telling me what a cock slut I was, slapping my ass, and playing with the butt plug that was still buried in my ass.

I did my best to make her happy, continually gagging on her cock, and sucking on every inch of her big dick, that was still covered in my ass juices and lube from earlier in the morning. As I was sucking on her strap on, I suddenly heard the distant sound of a women talking, getting louder and louder every second. I got up to move away, but my girlfriend grabbed my head again and put it right back on her dick. The woman’s voice was really close now; until I heard footsteps stop outside of the driver side door, where clear, as day was my girlfriends strap on cock getting sucked by her pathetic ass slut. A second woman’s voice suddenly said, “Stacy, what’s wrong?”

“Come over here!” My girlfriend had seen the woman right outside of our door, and looked up at the woman. She looked in her early 40s; maybe five and a half feet tall, a little on the heavy side, a beautiful face, nicely dressed, and had a big set of boobs. My girlfriend spoke first. “Well Hello there, would you like to meet my anal slut?”

“Wow!” said the woman whose friend had also joined her looking in to the car as well. “That is so cute! Does he have a name?”

“I just refer to him as anal slut,” said my girlfriend, “he doesn’t deserve any other name, he’s a pathetic little cock slut.”

“Amazing! I’m Stacy by the way, and this is my friend Alyssa.” Alyssa was wide-eyed looking at me sucking on my girlfriends cock. My girlfriend noticed Alyssa licking her lips, and was looking quite dazed, almost in a trance.

“Would you like to play with him?” asked my girlfriend. The two women didn’t say anything except run to the other side of the car and opened the door, where my ass was right there for their enjoyment. Stacy reached first, and pulled my shorts down, revealing my shaved ass and balls.

“He has a butt plug in his asshole!” squealed Stacy.

“Yes ma’am, isn’t he just such a whore?” asked my girlfriend.

“Fucking slut,” whispered Alyssa, who still was in a half trance. She raised her hand and slapped my ass hard, making me moan while gagging on his girlfriend’s cock.

“Can I take the butt plug out?” asked Stacy?

“Of course you can! You can do whatever you want with him. He will do anything for anybody.” My girlfriend said proudly.

Alyssa watched Stacy as she pulled the butt plug out of my ass. Stacy placed it on the seat bellow, while never keeping eyes off my gaping asshole, with ass juices running down the outside of my hole. Alyssa immediately jammed three fingers inside my asshole, pumping them in and out fast, making me groan with a mouthful of cock.

“I bet you can fit more in there,” said Stacy.

“How many do you have in there right now?” my girlfriend asked.

“Three,” said Alyssa.

“How just put your whole fucking fist up his ass!” Yelled my girlfriend. Alyssa took that as a green light, and punched her way in to my asshole, making me scream down on my girlfriends cock, but not much sound was made because of my mouthful of rubber dick. Alyssa began punch fucking my loose asshole, giving me no mercy. Stacy started to really get in to it. She began to rub her pussy through her pants. Watching this was really getting her hot. She began slapping my ass over and over again, telling me how much of an anal whore I was, and how much of a worthless slut I was, and calling me a good for nothing cunt.

Alyssa withdrew her hand from my asshole, which was gaping open, much wider than it when they pulled out the butt plug from my ass. Stacy quickly took the invitation and slip her whole hand inside my ass, fucking me just as hard as Alyssa was. Alyssa began to rub and feel my dick, which was just pathetically hanging down and swinging back and forth with the rhythm. With her other hand, she reached down underneath the skirt that she had on, and began to play with her pussy above her panties.

If anyone were to come upon the action going on, they would see a woman with a big strap on cock sitting in the driver seat, getting it sucked by a pathetic looking cock slut, who was bent over above the front console with his ass facing the passenger door, with two women behind him, one with a fist in his ass, and one playing with her pussy, getting off on the action before her.

After Stacy had fist fucked my hole raw, she gave one more deep push, and pulled out, and spit inside my gaping whore hole. Alyssa soon followed, launching her saliva inside my hole.

“Make sure you shove that butt plug back in his ass,” instructed my girlfriend.

“Oh don’t worry about that!” Alyssa and Stacy said together. Alyssa picked the butt plug back up, and together, her and Stacy shoved it back in my asshole with one big push, which made me moan on the rubber cock in my mouth. Stacy then pulled my pants back up my legs, and they both adjusted themselves, and got out of the car and shut the door. They walked around the car, and stopped at the window where my girlfriend was still enjoying the site of her cock hungry slut sucking on her dick. Stacy and Alyssa came to the window where my girlfriend was, and squatted down so they were eye level.

“You have a very good little slut there,” said Stacy.

“Why thank you very much,” proudly exclaimed my girlfriend. Alyssa took her hand and patted the top of my head, while saying “Good little slut,” and then pushed her hand down on my head, making me choke on the rubber cock. All three women laughed to themselves.

“He’s pathetic,” said Alyssa, “Total whore. You’re a very lucky girl.”

“I know, and it’s never enough for the slut either,” said my girlfriend. Stacy took out a pen and paper and wrote her number down and handed it to my girlfriend. “I would love to see this cock sucker again, if you guys ever want some good fun.”

“I think that would be great, I’ll take you up on that offer someday. You’ll hear from me soon,” said my girlfriend.

Alyssa leaned over and gave my girlfriend a kiss, and Stacy followed suit. They said their goodbyes, and walked away to their car. “I think that’s enough from your whore mouth for now,” said my girlfriend. I lifted my head up, with a string of drool leaving my mouth connecting to the rubber cock, now limp and swinging from being released from my mouth. “Get out of the car and wait for me by the trunk.”

I got out of the car and stood by the trunk, feeling ass juices running down my thigh, and the butt plug that still lodged in to my asshole. My girlfriend came back to the trunk, carrying her duffel bag that she had before. “Now the fun starts.” She said with a smile and a slap to my face.

She grabbed my shirt again, pulling me with her, walking towards the entrance of the mall. We went through the glass doors at the entrance, getting inside out of the summer heat. As we walked through the passageway to get to the main stretch of stores, we passed a couple of people who gave us weird and curious looks, trying to figure out what was going on. It wasn’t everyday you see a girl carrying a duffel bag, dragging a guy by his shirt collar around in the mall. We walked up to the main walkway, where all the stores were lined up, with a giant glass roof above to let in the sunlight. At the intersection to the main walkway in the mall was a fountain, with different foliage lining the edge of the water.

She pulled me over to the edge of the fountain, where a cement wall, which was containing all the water in the fountain, was built for the right sitting height. “Sit whore.” She said.

“Do you want to know what is in the duffel bag slut?”

“Yes ma’am” I said quietly. She quickly brought her hand up and slapped my face hard, echoing through the tall corridor, which grabbed a couple peoples attention.

“Sorry, I didn’t hear you whore, what did you say?”

“Yes ma’am, please!” I said loudly. She smiled and opened the zipper to the duffel bag, but I couldn’t see what was inside because of the angle, but I didn’t want to lean over to see because of the possibility of getting punished.

I saw her moving around a little in the bag, adjusting something inside where I, and others around couldn’t see. “Ok, you ready slut?” I nodded my head not knowing what was awaiting me. She lifted her hand out of the bag, holding a lube covered butt plug, and set it down right next to me on the stone bench. Others around us hadn’t noticed yet what was going on.

She grabbed my throat, pulling my face up to look at hers. “This is new butt plug for your ass. The one in your ass right now is 2 inch in diameter. The one I just pulled out is 2.5 inches in diameter. You are going to drop your pants, push the other butt plug out, and sit on this one, putting it deep in your ass, where it will stay until I’m ready for the next one. You got that?”

“Yes ma’am.” I said. I stood up, dropped my shorts slightly, and pushed the butt plug out of my ass, landing and rolling a bit on the cement bench below. At this point, a couple people passing by started giving me dirty and weird looks, and a couple gasps and pointing here and there. I waddled over to the next one, and sat down on it, easily sliding in to my ass. I stood up and pulled my pants back up to my waist, and my girlfriend put the smaller butt plug back in to the duffel bag. I wasn’t sure what else was in the bag, but I was positive I was to find out soon enough.

Just as I was getting use to the feeling of the larger plug in my ass, I was shifted out of place as my girlfriend grabbed my shirt collar again and started walking down the main stretch of stores. We walked down, and encountered a lot of people not surprisingly looking at us weird, especially me, since I was the one being treated like a little slut. We passed a lot of people, who started whispering while looking at us, some pointed, some had to give a double take, but we were getting a lot of looks.

We never went in to any of the stores, eventually finding our way to the food court. She dragged me over to an empty table where she forced me in to a chair, and put the duffel bag on the table. She unzipped it once again, and rummaged through the bag before pulling out a new butt plug covered in lube. She placed it on the chair next to me. She didn’t have to tell me what to do, since I knew what I would have to do. I didn’t even know how big it was. I pulled my pants down slightly, and pushed the old butt plug right in to my girlfriends hands, and then turned around and sat on this new butt plug which felt much bigger. I sat all the way down on it, moaning as it went past the widest point. I let all my weight push on the plug to go deeper in my ass. I then stood up, pulled my pants back up, and got use to the feeling.

A couple people did see what had just happen around them as they were eating. Some of them left, some stayed and tried to ignore it, and some people couldn’t stop watching.

My girlfriend noticed this too. She packed everything up again and started drag me by my shirt again, and proceeded to go walk over to a couple who was sitting not too far away, who couldn’t stop looking at what I had just done. We walked up to their table, and my girlfriend was the first to speak.

“Hello, did you guys like what you saw my slut do over there?” she asked.

The woman spoke first, “Well, it was quite impressive. Sorry for staring.”

“Oh please, that is quite alright. My slut is a whore and loves to be looked at, especially when he’s being treated like a pathetic slut. He’ll service anyone I tell him to.” My girlfriend exclaimed.

“Really? Wow.” Said the woman, who took her hand and slapped my ass hard, which made a sound that most in the area heard. This made my knees buckle and a moan escape from my mouth. My girlfriend was holding both my hands behind my back, controlling my every move.

“Would you like to know how big that butt plug in his ass is?” asked my girlfriend? I too was curious to know.

“Oh please tell us!” said the woman.

“That butt plug was 3 inches in diameter!”

“Oh wow!” the woman said excitingly.

The couple that we had approached was probably in their mid to late 40s. The woman was a classy looking lady, while the guy was dressed more casually. They introduced themselves as Mike and Karen. My girlfriend told them about what had happened so far today, everything about waking me up, to what happened in the car before coming in to the mall. The story didn’t seem to faze the couple at all, which came as a surprise to me. They seemed more interested than anything. Then my girlfriend asked them if they would like to walk around with us. The couple quickly agreed.

My girlfriend lead the way around, and slapped my face and ass a couple times along the way too. Karen asked my girlfriend if she could try, and she quickly agreed. Karen grabbed me from my girlfriend, and led me over to a nearby bench that was against some plants in the middle of the walkway. She pushed me over the edge so my ass was sticking straight out. She slapped my ass hard, and with her left hand reached up to grab hold of my hair and pull my head back while she did. She called me all kinds of names while people walked all around us looking at us. She then stopped, pulled me up, and then handed me back to my girlfriend. I was being treated like a rag fuck doll, like someone’s property.

Seeing this, I could see that my girlfriend had an idea about what to do next with me. She led the three of us, I by pushing me along with my hands behind my back, back outside the mall. We walked around the perimeter for a bit until we found what she was looking for, a dumpster area. This area was a little more secluded than the rest. We stopped when we found an area behind a brick wall where the trash dumpsters were.

My girlfriend forced me to my knees before the couple. She lifted up the bottom of the dress where her strap on still was. She told me to start sucking on it again. Karen got on the ground next to me, helped force-feed me the rubber dick in to the mouth, and to continue to verbally degrade me. She would grab the back of my head, and force the dick deep in my mouth. After a while of this, she began to tug at my shorts, and took them completely off, revealing the butt plug still deeply lodged in my ass. Karen put both her hands on it, and all at once pulled it out. I groaned at the feeling of emptiness in my slut hole. Karen quickly got back up from being knocked over from the force. She made me get to my feet, while still bent over sucking my girlfriend’s strap on, and proceed to shove her whole fist in my ass without warning.

“Wow Karen, you are nasty girl aren’t you?” my girlfriend asked.

“Yes, yes I am. This slut is just making me want to punish him, and I can tell he is no stranger to anything this big in his ass. You have trained him well!” She said.

“Yes I have. You know, Mike, don’t you want a turn?” Asked my girlfriend.

“Sure I guess I’ll give it a shot.” Said Mike. He didn’t know where to start, since both ends of me were being used at the same time.

“Here, you can take my place.” Said my girlfriend. She removed her strap on from my mouth and stepped aside for Mike to take her place. Mike unzipped his pants in front of me and pulled his huge cock out! Wow this thing was huge! He wasn’t hard yet, and yet just flaccid he was hung like a horse! He had to be at least 7 inches hung down and 2 inches in girth just right now. I looked hungrily at the cock, my mouth watering just at the sight of it. I was being punch fucked in my asshole by a crazy, horny MILF, and I was about to put a huge cock in my mouth.

I hungrily picked up the cock and put it in my mouth. My girlfriend had gone to see what Karen was doing and to help her out with what she was doing. Mike got hard fast, obviously turned on by what he saw before him. He started to get in to a rhythm, and eventually started to fuck my mouth with his huge cock. He started to get aggressive as well. He started slapping my ass, as his wife was punch fucking my whore chute. He also made me look up at him while I swallowed his cock the best I could. His cock felt so good in my throat, and I loved swallowing all of it and fitting as much of it as I could in my mouth. I felt Karen’s fist leave my asshole, quickly replaced by my girlfriends strap on dildo. I was being double fucked, a cock fucking my slut hole, and a dick fucking my cock hungry mouth.

After getting brutally fucked for while, my girlfriend pulled out, and told Mike to come back and fuck my ass. His cock, which was now a full 10 inches in full length and very thick, was covered in my saliva and already lubed up for penetration. He walked around to my ass, and shoved his cock in hard and full with no problem at all. I hoped it was still tight enough for him to enjoy. He fucked me for a good while as Karen and my girlfriend kneeled in front of my face and mocked me, spit in my face, slapped me, and degraded me. They even were hooking up with each other right in front of me at one point. My girlfriend laid down on the ground at one point, and held the strap on straight up, as Karen pulled her pants down and proceeded to enjoy a little bit of fucking from my girlfriend. As Karen was bouncing up and down on her cock, she pulled down her shirt to reveal two big, fat, and beautiful tits, right in my face. She held one in front of me and grabbed my head, and yelled “Suck on it bitch!”

I sucked and licked her nipple as she enjoyed her little fucking session she was receiving from Karen. Mike pulled out of me, and picked his wife off my girlfriends cock. He must’ve wanted to do something new. Karen adjusted herself again, and Mike told me to go and sit on my girlfriends cock again, with her still lying down on the ground. I walked over and sat down on the cock, got it adjusted in my ass, and got in to a crab walk position with my legs spread extra wide. I still had no idea what he had in mind, but found out soon enough when he came down to my level, and preceded to slide is cock in right alongside my girlfriend’s rubber dick.

“HOLY SHIT FUCKER MY ASSHOLE!” I screamed. There was no room left in my ass at this point. I had two big cocks fucking my sluthole at this point, and I was sandwiched between two of them. Karen came over and slapped my face again, telling me to “Shut the fuck the up you whore! You love this don’t you! You’re the most pathetic slut I have ever met!” Both of them rode my asshole raw for a while until Mike exclaimed that he was going to cum.

“Make sure the anal slut gets all of it in his mouth!” exclaimed my girlfriend. With that Mike grabbed my head and brought it down and forced his cock in my mouth. He fucked my mouth some more until erupting in to my mouth. He came a lot. I tried to swallow all of it, but some of it escaped my mouth and trickled down my face to the pavement below. I swallowed all that was in my mouth, and took my mouth off of Mike’s dick.

“Oh no you don’t! You’re going to eat all of it!” Karen yelled, forcing my head down to lick the spilled cum on the dirty pavement below. I licked it all and swallowed all of it in my throat.

“Show me your mouth slut!” yelled my girlfriend. I crawled to her, and showed her my empty mouth. “Good girl! Now go over to Mike, kiss and lick his cock clean, and thank him and Karen for letting you service them. I turned around on my knees and crawled over to Mike, whose cock was starting to soften. I bent my head down and swallow his cock back in my mouth. I licked everywhere to make sure it was clean of cum and ass juice. I gave it one last kiss, and thanked both of them for letting me service them. Karen responded by slapping me across the face with a smile on her face.

My girlfriend thanked them, and they exchanged information. They got dressed again, walked back around the brick wall where we were hidden from public eye, and left. I was about to pull my pants up but my girlfriend quickly saw this and stopped me.

“Oh no you don’t! I have got one more thing for you for the drive home!” She picked up the 3-inch butt plug that was in my ass before, and placed it in to the duffel bag. She then brought out a 3.5-inch butt plug, and proceeded to lube it up.

“Sit on this you fucking ass slut, you’re going to wear this all the way home.” I walked over, wondering if it will even fit, and sat on it. I tried to put all my weight on it, but it would not go in. I began to stand up thinking I wouldn’t be able to do it, but as I did, she came from behind me, picked up the butt plug, and punched it in to my hole with one swift, violent motion. I screamed and fell to the ground in a mixture of pain, pleasure, and a constant stretch. She picked up the duffel bag, fixed her dress to cover her strap on again, and picked me up off the ground and grabbed me by the shirt collar again. She dragged me to the car, put the duffel bag in the front seat, and threw me in the back seat, knowing I would have no energy to stay upright. I passed out on the way home from everything that happened after. I still don’t remember going inside or making it to my bed with a new change of clothes and a freshly washed body.

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