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Sex on omegle

Sex on omegle You’re now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi! Stranger: Hey You: hi You: asl ? Stranger: 15 f usa Stranger: U? You: 16 m france You: are you sexy ? Stranger: Yeah Stranger: U? You: tall, athletic body with 6 packs and blue eyes Stranger: umm yeah ur sexy Stranger: I’m […]

Dumb E-Mails

Dumb E-Mails "200 damn emails and not one worth reading!" I complained. Being on five different mailing lists can get irritating sometimes. You had just gone in to take a shower, so I decided to scan through my email. Nothing for me personally so I went to one of those erotic story sites to pass […]

Instant Messanger Love | Sex Stories Post

Instant Messanger Love | Sex Stories Post I knew what you wanted, and I know what you need… I could feel it….though we had just met…intimate strangers…known only through words written across a moniter…intimate strangers…that shared secrets over the miles…over the wires…connections…phone lines…shared pieces of ourselves…pieces now drawing together to fill the whole….. she was […]

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