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Mothers Secret Legacy Chapter 5

Mothers Secret Legacy Chapter 5

Chapter 5
Grandma Carol

I was the first to notice because they were lost in the passion but they soon were made very aware as dad lets loose a scream of all our names followed by several curses and obvious questions.

“TRACY! What the HELL are you doing?!” Mom looked up and the color drained from her face as she saw Robert Sr.
“Robert….I ….We” stammered mom as she scrambled off Jenn leaving Jenn equally shocked. I froze where I stood. I just stood there frozen, as my father turned and headed toward the door.

“Wait Robert, please!” begged mom beginning to cry. When she reached him she grabbed his shoulder trying to stop him from leaving. “Please Robert let me explain!” cried mom.
“Get your fucking hands off of me you sick bitch!” screamed dad as snatched his arm away from her. I thought for a second he was about to slap her but instead he just wrenched open the door stormed of the house and sped of down the street. Mom collapsed holding the door knob and started crying. Jenn stepped forward to try to comfort mom. I was still too shocked to do anything except stare at my heart broken mom and crying sister and hate him for doing this to them. At least that’s what I kept telling myself anyway. In truth, I was angry at myself for ever getting mom involved in the first place it was bad enough with me and Jenn. Now our whole family was destroyed.

 It had been almost a week since dad had stormed out and no one had heard from him since. Jenn and I had been walking on eggshells around mom all week trying to act like a normal family.  On the way to the super market one afternoon Jenn and I decided we needed to either find dad or get mom back to her old self somehow.

“I think we need to call Grandma Carol and get her to come and talk to mom because mom hasn’t really said a word since he left.” Said Jenn looking at me as we pulled up into the driveway, neither of us had left mom’s side since dad left.
“I know we really need to do something but I can’t find dad anywhere I’ve looked and none of his friends have heard from him. I guess Grandma is our only choice.” I sighed as I opened the door.

 Jenn talked to Grandma on the phone all that night after mom fell asleep, explaining everything to her. Two days later, she showed up from two states away.  Mom was surprised to see her there so she tried to act normal and avoided any conversation about my father. After A few hours, mom and grandma both dropped the normal act.

“I know the kids bought you here mother” said my mom.
“It’s only because they were worried about you Tracy,” said Grandma
“I know they are mom but Robert is gone and I don’t know what to do and I feel like it’s my fault because I gave in to desire”
“Yes Tracy you gave in to desire but not desire of the body but desire of the heart, you were raised to think that way so it was only natural that you wanted the same for your family, and your kids accept it and so do you, so what’s the problem?” asked grandma
“Robert is gone mother! That’s the problem and he hates me now he thinks I have poisoned the kids’ minds, said mom starting to cry again.
“Robert loves you honey he might not accept our lifestyle, but he loves you and as soon as he realizes that he will come back I know it,” said Grandma Carol rubbing mom on the back.

  After a few days with Grandma around the house mom started to cheer up and so did everyone else. We were all almost back to normal selves Jenn was back to her nearly constant sexual innuendo, mom would occasionally play along and she seemed happier. Now that she was feeling better, I felt better too.

 I had to sleep on the sofa because grandma had my bed which was fine with me because the temptation of being so close to Jenn was starting to be too great we hadn’t been with each other since that day because it felt awkward knowing mom was still hurting inside.

Later that night I went into the kitchen to get a little late night snack for myself. I rummaged thorough the fridge for a while before just settling on one of dad’s beers and the last of the corn chips. I sat and ate them at the table in the almost total darkness of kitchen. Then I heard footsteps approaching

 It was grandma; see didn’t notice me as she came into the kitchen and opened the refrigerator door. The bright light form the open fridge illuminating her curves in her sky blue nightgown. I could clearly see she was naked underneath it, I saw her big round ass displayed before me as she bent over looking into the fridge. I could see the dark area of her pubic hairs from behind. My dick started to grow hard seeing her big ass wave in front of me. She turned around holding a beer of her own.

 “Oh Jesus Christ! You scared me Robbie I didn’t see you sitting there,” exclaimed grandma as she saw me in the dim light. She sat at the table and opened her beer.
“How is mom really?” I asked.
“She is more hurt than she is pretending to be and she loves him dearly and feels it’s her fault he left” said grandma
“I know she does” I said, “Do you think he will come back?”
“I know he will,” said grandma propping her leg up on my lap under the table.
I tried to move so she wouldn’t feel my hard on but I could tell she did. She didn’t say anything for a few moments then she began to massage my erection with her foot repeatedly rubbing her foot along my shaft.
“I ahh… didn’t mean too, you know” I stammered
“Did your old gran give you that monster in your shorts?” asked grandma taking the beer away from her lips.
“Well come on, I can’t let my favorite grandson go to bed with a raging hard on like that now can I?” she said getting up from her seat.

 She came over to were I was in the dark kitchen and got down on her knees “Well get it out if you want me to do something about it” she said looking up at me.
“You don’t have to do this grandma I just kinda get horny for no reason sometimes,” I said.
“Nonsense Robbie, I take it as a compliment that this old gal can still get a few dicks hard,” she said with a smile wrestling with my shorts to get my cock out. Once my big dick did come out she immediately jumped on it she took my full length into her month in one fluid motion. She wrapped her warm soft hand around my base as she moved her month rhythmically up and down my cock. “God there was no way this family had three world class cock suckers in it!” I thought as she took my cock deeper, deep throating me.

 My cock pulsated in her hot month, incest was nothing new to me now but the fact that my own grandmother was sucking my dick had me close to blowing my load just thinking about it, yet alone feeling it. She must have been an expert cause I was about to go insane with the treatment my dick was getting. Her hot month felt like velvet on my dick her tongue massaging against the veins of my cock.
“Goddamnit!” I moaned, “Shit grandma I’m gonna cum!” I said
 She mumbled “okay” with my cock still in her month and kept right on sucking! She pulled the flesh of my dick even tighter at the base and sucked me even harder twisting her head left and right on my dick.
“I’m gonna cum!” I screamed maybe a bit too loudly grabbing her head and slamming it down on my dick and holding it there as I shot load after load of hot sticky cum into her hot throat coating it with my cum. After my last spurt of cum shot into her mouth, I fell back into my chair to catch my breath.

 Grandma got off her knees wiping the cum from her mouth and washing the rest down with her beer. She sucked her fingers dry of cum and said “Beer and cum, now that’s what I call a midnight snack” She kissed me on the forehead and started walking out of the kitchen leaving me to recover. She stopped in the doorway saying, “It got a bit rough there at the end but I think your old gran likes it rough.” She smiled

 I slept like a baby the rest of the night; I awoke the next morning to the smell of freshly cooked bacon wafting from the kitchen. I walked into the kitchen the same time as mom and found grandma cooking breakfast.
 She had her back to us frying eggs wearing the same blue nightgown she had gone to sleep in.
“Morning” said Grandma to mom and I, Jenn was already at the table.
“Jesus mom can’t you at least put on some descent clothes around the kids?” said mom when she saw that the blue nightgown was the only thing grandma was wearing.
“Excuse me? When have I ever taught you to be ashamed of your body especially around family?”
“Never and that’s what has gotten us into this mess now.” Said mom
Grandma put the pan of eggs down a little forcefully on the table.
“Listen here Tracy, I feel for you because Robert left I really do but I will never regret the way your father and I raised you” said grandma looking mom directly in the face.

Mom’s face softened then she said “I’m sorry mom, I really am I just wish Robert were here”
“I know honey but he will show up I know it” said grandma serving everyone the remainder of the food.
“I hope your right mom,” said mom taking a seat at the table.
We all sat down and ate the delicious food it had been a while since we had a home cooked meal so we all enjoyed it
“Slept well last night Robbie?’ asked Jenn smiling at me
“Pretty good I guess,” I said looking at my plate
“I bet you did,” said Jenn still grinning
Mom didn’t seem to notice the odd exchange but grandma did and she smiled at me.

 The rest of the day passed rather uneventfully but what I didn’t know was the next three or four days would be the most eventful days I would ever have. Keep in mind this was after I had fucked my sister, then my mother, had a three-way with both and just had my cock sucked by my grandmother the night before.

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