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My Father Rizwan Satisfied Me-2

My Father Rizwan Satisfied Me-2

When my father sat up he smiled,   “I’ve never licked an asshole in my life, but you’re my precious little girl, there’s no part of you I wouldn’t use my tongue to taste!”   “I’m not a little girl.” I laughed.  “I know you’re a women, but to your father you’ll always be my sweet, innocent little girl.” I said,   “Alright, your precious little girl wants a mouthful of her Daddy’s cum.”   He lay on his back and I moved my head within inches of his prick and I looked at Daddy’s big cock, it was irresistible! I took as much as I could into my mouth, ran my lips up and down the length of it, pausing to concentrate my tongue on its dark pink head.

Daddy was softly saying,   “Mmmmm, mmmm,” while he stroked my hair, running his fingers through it.   Then I surprised him, I did what one of my boyfriends taught me, I removed my mouth and began to run my tongue up and down the length of my fathers prick, moving it so I could lick all sides of it. When I did the underside I went down until I could lick each of his balls. Then I did something new, I ran my tongue around and around his asshole. Daddy cried,   “Quick, put it back in your mouth!”   I did it just in time to have his ejaculation fill it. And it was my own father’s cum giving me a magnificent orgasm. When I had it all, I put my head back, opened my mouth so he could see it full of his white nectar, so much it was running from the corners, down my chin. “Daddy said,   “I’ve never seen such a raunchy sight, it’s beautiful!”   Then I rolled it around, savoring its taste and swallowed. It had been a really delicious act of incest.   My father and I were far too turned on to stop now.   “Let’s fuck again.” I said.   Daddy used his cock to lightly massage my swollen pussy lips, moved it down and ran it over my asshole and when he did I had an instant orgasm. Then he slowly entered my cunt and I thought, what could be more excitingly perverted than a 36-year-old father inserting his prick into his own 18-year-old daughter? It carried me to a sexual high. I was consumed with lust for him and I came off, sending a cascade of cunt juice around Daddy’s cock. I exclaimed,  ‘That’s it Daddy, screw me, hammer me, fuck me as hard as you can. Fuck me as if I was a $10 dollar whore.”   His pace was slow to prolong the feeling of my wet cunt on his prick, but each time he pulled all of it out until only the head remained then he rammed it in as hard as he could, his balls slapping against my ass. It was electrifying! Waves of pleasure flowed through my body.  “Cum in me, Daddy,” I shouted, ” I want my father’s semen in me!”   A few seconds later he gave me what I wanted. When his cock exploded and pulled out I plunge my fingers into my cunt and brought out gobs of the cum I craved, and reveled in the taste of the forbidden liquid.   “Eat your baby’s cunt,” I commanded and he quickly had his head between my legs.   He licked eagerly, sucking up the leaking cum.

We were both panting when we finally lay on our backs. I asked,   “Daddy, what is the most wicked sex we can have?”   Without a moments hesitation he said,   “What I’m going to do now, shove 8-inches of cock up my daughters ass!”   Hearing my farther say those erotic words brought me off. It wouldn’t be the first time I’d gotten on my hands and knees for what was coming. I’d been fucked up my ass before, but this was different, it was my own father’s cock that would be going in. I lowered my head and shoulders onto the mattress and thrust my round ass up. My father starred at me,   “Holy shit, Cindy, that’s the most provocative pose I’ve ever seen. Your lovely young ass waiting to be fucked.”   And suddenly he ejaculated onto the bed.   I gasped,   “Seeing my father shooting cum is pretty provocative, too. I wish I had a video of it. I could have an orgasm every time I watched it.”   Daddy moved behind me and when his cock touched my asshole. I pushed hard opening it wide. Daddy slowly slid the head of his prick through my asshole; then I let it close tightly to squeeze the long shaft that followed. My whole body was consumed by incestual lust.   “Fuck my ass, Daddy. There’s nothing more wonderfully perverted than a Father with his cock up his own daughter ass!”   He pulled his prick out so only the dark pink head remained inside then thrust in until his balls slapped my ass. Each stroke of his long, fat prick sent a thrills sweeping through me.   “Hammer my ass, Daddy! Ooohhh, oooohh, my fathers in my ass. I love you, Daddy, ooohhhh, cum in me, Daddy, fill your daughter’s ass with your semen.”   When he did, it shot far up it and I was in ecstasy, waves of pleasure swept through me. And my father wasn’t done with my ass.   What my father did next was obscene. He lowered his body and I felt his mouth against my asshole, his tongue probing it and I immediately opened it. A stream of ass cum flowed out into my father’s mouth.   “Oooohhh, my Daddy’s sucking my ass!”   He continued licking and sucking up the cum until he had consumed it all.   We slept together from that night on until I married and moved out. I have 2 lovely children, a boy and a girl and husband who I dearly love, one who enjoys adventurous sex as much as I do. But my Daddy and I still find opportunities to enjoy the special thrill of father and daughter incest.   Readers may find it difficult to believe that Incest sex is many, many more times exciting and pleasurable than normal sex, but it is. It’s the difference between a piece of bread and butter and a gourmet meal. Have any of you experienced it? Write to me if you have.  

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