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Random Seductions Pt. 3

Random Seductions Pt. 3

My time at school had become a time that I expected sex every day. I was really enjoying the times with Joyce and Carl a lot and one day I was supposed to meet Joyce after class. I was walking by the Admin wing of the school and heard noises. "That has got to be someone having sex." I thought and snuck down the hallway. The door was open to a confrence room a little and I looked in. There on the table was Ms. Williams, the secretary to the Principal getting fucked big time by the Principal, Mr. Lane. Both were married and the upstanding citizen types but here they were fucking away and both using the most nasty language I had heard from anyone. He plunged into her one last time and they both came. She was realy a beautiful woman. Red hair and wonderful green eyes and a lovley buxom figure. He was a good looking man in his 40s and in great shape too and so, I left them both thinking of the sight I had just seen and thinking how nice it would be to have one or both of them.

Well, two weeks later I had a note to come to the Principals office after classes. One of the girls that was an ofice assistant whispered to me, "You are in some deep shit. Better not argue with them." I instantly got wet and warm all at the same time. I decided that I would be in charge of the meeting after I let them begin and think I was afraid. I went to the rest room and took off my bra and panties and so went in with a tube top and skirt. I had an open buton up blouse over the tube top and the skirt was just a little too short anyway so it would be perfect. I went to the office and Ms. Willaims greeted me with a very official look, the one that is supposed to intimidate the students. "Sit there and we will be with you in just a moment." she told me. "Sure." I said and tossed my books down and dropped into a chair and made sure my skirt was up. She went to the office door and announced me and motioned for me to come with her. Mr. Lane was at his desk with a folder in front of him and she sat in a chair to his left. Ms. Williams had wonderful legs that got my attention right away, tanned and strong, the ones I had seen in he air a couple weeks before. Mr. Lane had his coat off and his tie loose. I waitied for them to begin.

Me. Lane did, "We have heard some things about you Teresa, some things that, if true, are very disturbing." he said. "Really? Like what?" I said and leaned forward some in the chair they had seated me in. "Well, it is said that, well, it is said that you are rather promiscuous. That you are very active." Ms. Williams said and she was not comfortable at al. She shifted in her chair. They waited for an answer but I did not speak. Mr. Lane said, "If this is true then there are going to have to be some actions we must take." he said and he too was uncomfortable. Again I said nothing and let them try to fill in the quiet that filled the room. "This is the reason that both of are here, it is so we have a man and woman to talk to you about this. You are only 13 so it is not something we really want to have to do anything oficial about." she said. I was now leaning forward and my fingers brushed my nipples through the tube top but not so that it was obvious. Almost at  the same time they both said, "Well, do you have anything to say?" and they looked at each other.

I stood up and let my blouse stay in the chair and reached to the top of the tube top and pulled it down exposing my tits that were really needing attention and the nipples that were rock hard, "Well, I would like to know what you think a 13 year old girl is supposed to do when she has these?" They both stared at me and then Ms. Williams moved to pull the top back down and when she did I grabbed her by the hair and kissed her deep. She was so stunned that she stayed there for a good 20 or 30 seconds and then broke free but not before I had felt her giving in to the kiss. Mr. Lane was about to say something when she exploded, "What the hell do you think you are doing?" she almost yelled at me. I turned around calmly and went to the door and closed it and turned to them and locked it. I stood there and unzipped my skirt and let it fall and the took the tube top off and so stood naked there for a second and then walked to Mr. Lane and around the desk, they both stared at me and seemed unable to move. I looked down and sure enough, Mr. Lane had a bulge in his pants. I leand down and kissed him slow and deep and he did respond but I stood up and walked over to Ms. Williams and began to reach out to touch her and she moved backwards. "You need to get dressed young lady and then we have some calls to make." she blurted out. I picked up the phone and stepped to her and gave it to her. "You are right Ms. Williams, call your husband and tell him how you and Mr. Lane like to fuck on the confrence room table." I said and they both froze.

He spoke first, "Well, Teresa, it seems we have a problem. How do you know this is true of Ms. Williams and I?" he said and I stood there carressing myself all over. "I saw you both at it two weeks ago. Fucking like hell, really made me hot." I said and they both got redder in their faces. Ms. Williams looked as if she were ready to cry so I walked to her and stood inches from her. "It seems to have us over a barrel" he said and then he said, "So what is it that you want exactley? Honor role, free pass all year? I suppose you can name it." he said and I reached out and carressed Ms. Williams’ hair softly. "Well, I locked the door for a reason, I want the both of you." I said still touching her face and hair gently making her shiver all over. "Do you mean? Do you mean sex with the both of us?" she said. "Yes, that is it, and I want you first." I said. "But that is wrong, women are not supposed to do it with each other." she stammered out. "Oh, but adultry is okay?" I said. "Either I have both of you anytime I want or I go public with your affair and I will add more to it." I said. "I guess you are in charge" Mr. Lane said giving in. "What is it we do now?" he said but I am sure that he knew. "Well, first, we all need to be naked." I said and turned to M.s Williams, "And I will undress you." I said and began unbuttoning the coat to her business outfit. It fell to the floor and I leaned in and kissed her slowly. She was quivering all over and did not return the kiss. I looked at Mr. Lane was standing naked by his chair and his cock was hard and ready for anything to come. I kissed her again and unbuttoned her blouse as I did and it too fell to the floor and then her bra came off and her lovely breasts came out. Her nipples were hard betraying her that she was really ready for what was to happen. I massaged her breasts (about 36CC) and pulled her nipples gently. I undid her zip on the side of her skirt and it too fell to the floor and then her nylons came off. She wore nice bikini panties and I slowly pulled them down and told her to step out of them. As I came up I carressed her body making sure to touch her close shaved pussy hair. "My, you are really a red head." I said and sat her down in the chair. I put her legs up on the arms and kissed the inside of then slowly running my tongue up to her lovely close trimmed pussy. "Oh you have done this before I bet" Mr. Lane said. "I lost my virginity at the age of 10 dear, to a very loving man and woman." I said and then licked her lips separating then and then ran my tongue all around her pussy and lifting her up a little I licked her ass hole some making her jump. Then I was at her clit sucking it hard and making her moan now, "Oh this is so wrong…" she was moaning over and over again. "I guess that it makes you as much a slut as I am then." I said between licks. "Admit it, you enjoy it don’t you" I said. "Yes, it feels so good, he has never licked me like this, oh yes, I am a slut..oh yes." she said a few times. "Looks like Mr. Lane needs to learn how to give a woman a good licking." I said andcontinued. My fingers slipped into her pussy as I licked and soon she hada womderful orgasm and her hips bucked like crazy.

Mr Lane just leaned on the side of the desk watching and then I turned to him and stayed on my knees and took his cock in my hands. It was a good size, maybe 8 inches and so I began massaging it up and down slowly until I slipped it into my mouth. I saw Ms. Williams watching and massaging herself as I sucked him all the way into my throat. His hands were on the side of my head pushing into my throat and I moved them and said, "I will take care of it the way I want to." He moved his hands and began moving his hips, slow at first and then faster. Finally he swelled in my mouth and filled my throat with his load. She gasped as I swallowed it all and then she was fingering herself for another orgasm. It came fast and she lingered there. "Well, I guess it is time to pay up for this" he said. "Yep, Ms. Williams is going to eat my pussy nice the way I did hers." I said lifting her up and leading her to the sofa in the office. I laid down and spread my legs apart, "Come on, lick it like I did yours." and she kissed my legs and almost exactley like I ate her she did me and I sprayed her face and hair. She dove back into my pussy and cried out, "Oh my god this is so hot." and ate me again and again I sprayed her. I pulled her away and said, "I need some cock in there now sweetheart, but you can eat it after he has filled it up." and Mr. Lane slipped into my pussy. "Fuck it good Baby" she said to him. "Oh, she is gonna remember this for a long time." he groaned to her and she was caressing us both all over. I turned over on all four and told her to get under me and 69 while he fucked me and she did just that and now we were eating each other and he was fucking my pussy like a ram rod. He grew and filled it up and it slopped out and Ms. Williams licked it all up.

We all fell on the floor kissing and feeling and fingering and carressing for a while then the phone rang. It was Mr. Lane’s wife and he motioned for us to be quiet so I kissed Ms. Williams into silence. He hung up and grabbed his clothes. "Well, have to go ladies." he said and we kissed him and before he left. "So you guys are in trouble if the spouses find out?" I said laughing. "Oh fuck yes." he said. I put my arms around them both and said, "I bet I can get them both in bed and then all four of us to this ofice inside of a month." I said. They both said it was impossible. "Well, is it a bet or do I just seduce them for the hell of it cause I am going to do it anyway." I said. "Okay," Ms. Williams said, "It is a bet, seduced and here in this office fucking like animals in one month from today." He laughed and said, "Sell, if you win it is obvious what you get but what if we win?" he said. "Unlimited privileges as long as I am in school, anytime, anywhere, alone or together, for both of you." "Sounds fair." she said and he left and we dressed. Ms. Williams had the scent of pussy all over us and so she showered in the gym before leaving. I went home and kissed Aunt Claire, "Oh you have been up to something." she said. I took off my clothes and said, "At supper I will tell you and Uncle Jack all about it."

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