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Hello guys, I am Rahul from Chennai, Tamil Nadu. I have completed my civil engineering in a local college and now working as a design engineer trainee in a nearby local company. I am 22 years now. I am fair and have an average body type. I am 6.2 feet in height and have 6.5-inch hard tool that makes all girls feel the real heaven of sex.

My family consists of my parents, my elder sister Maya, and me. Both my parents are working and they are hardly present in the home.

My elder sister Maya is cute and beautiful (not too fair but quite fair) and she is 25 years now. She has completed her B.E in computer science and engineering and working as a software engineer in a reputed IT company. She is 5.8 feet in height and weight may be 60 kgs. I never had any bad intention towards my sister.

Maya is a modern girl, she used to wear chudidhars, jeans, t-shirts, shirts, frock, half sarees, sarees etc., during her work and also while going for an outing. She wears nighty or night pant and shirt while in the house. She looks like an angel in half-sarees and sarees.

Maya is interested in modelling and acting, but our parents didn’t allow her to do modeling. She loves me a lot as a brother. We both share the same room and the same bed. We even chat for a long time if we don’t feel sleepy.

One day, when myself and Maya with her friends were out for shopping. We came across an Ad for a short film contest in the mall. As I was interested in shortfilm-making from my college days, I registered my name there in the counter. The theme for the short film contest was love.

I started to make a cute story and decided to act as the hero (to cut short the budget). I requested some of my friends and my sister’s friends to act in the short film but no one was interested in taking the supporting roles. So I shortened the story with only 2 characters and now I was unable to find a suitable heroine for my story during the screen test.

I was upset due to this. My sister came back from her office and she freshened up and came to me. I saw her and I got an idea – “Why can’t she be the heroine”. So I asked her,

Me: Maya, would you like to act in my short film?

Maya: Hmm, I am interested. I was qondering when were you going to ask this question to me. So which character have you assigned for me, Rahul?

Me: The heroine

Maya (excited) : Hey, don’t tease me! I will kill you if you didn’t keep your word later.

Me: Maya, really I am offering you the heroine role. But before that, you have to give a screen test.

Maya: If it is true, I am ready. Who is playing the hero role?

Me: I am the hero

She started to laugh.

Maya: So you are going to be the hero and romance with your own sister? Also, you are younger to me; how can we be a pair, Rahul? If our friends watch the short film, what they will think about us?

She questioned me.

Me: I know, Maya. Initially, I made a decision to act to cut the budget. First give your screen test and then we can decide.

I have already set a room as a studio in the upstairs. She dressed neatly and put her makeup and came to the audition room (upstairs in our house). I was ready with a camera. I gave a scene to her and asked her to act. She acted well, so I asked her to give some poses for photoshoot. She was in her blue jean and her t-shirt, which she wore for her office.

I clicked 4 to 5 pictures and asked her to wear a saree and chudidhar. She went to our room, changed to saree and came back. I clicked some beautiful pictures. Like I said before, she looks like an angel in saree. Then I asked her to change to chudidhar. She immediately removed her saree and stood there in her chudidhar pant (she tied saree above her pant) and in blouse. I could see her fair navel.

She took her top, went behind a screen, removed her blouse and put on her top. I had a chance to see her blue bra covered boobs. Wow, what a cleavage and pair of boobs! I felt a current inside and my cock seemed to have raised its head. Luckily, she didn’t notice that. Then I felt guilty and turned to the other side. After a few minutes, she came, properly dressed. I clicked some more pictures.

I was unable to find a hero in time and so she too accepted to act with me, as the deadline was nearing. We finished the film and we were able to receive only the 3rd runner-up place. But we were happy with the film. We received Rs.10,000 as the prize money.

After the contest, I took her to the beach. She was in her white chudidhar and was looking more beautiful. We walked on the beach for a while holding our hands. I thanked her for her acting and she thanked me for giving a chance to act as she had a dream to act. We sat on the beach for some time and had a chat. She asked me,

Maya: Rahul, I am interested in modeling, but our parents won’t allow. So, can you click some pictures like you did before the shortfilm shoot, which may be a satisfying one for me.

I said ok and we started to shoot daily in different type of dresses. Maya started to give some nice poses like we saw in the magazines. She would show the pictures in the magazine and ask me to click like that. She saved the pictures on her laptop and even I had one copy of all those pics.

One day, I asked her: “Why don’t you give a bold pose?” and suggested a 2-piece picture in the magazine. Initially, she didn’t accept but she finally accepted when I insisted.

She came to the hall on that day and asked me to turn first. She then removed her night pant and shirt and said, “I am ready”

I turned and found she was standing in her brown panty and bra! She hid her assets with her hands and I clicked that picture and asked her to give poses by adjusting and slipping her bra straps and lowering her panty just above her pussy. Gradually, she was comfortable with me. Meanwhile, I was controlling myself.

One day, I suggested a topless picture covering the boobs with hand and hair, and a nude picture covering the assets with hands and legs only. She said, “Ok, but be careful, thepictures shouldn’t leak”.

We had become closer than a brother-sister. She took off her t-shirt and bra. I helped her to unhook her bra, she hid her nipples with her hands and turned. I clicked some sexy pictures of her, topless and hiding with black hair and hands. Then she removed her pant and panty and hid her hairy pussy with her other hand. At that time, I had a chance to see her full ass. I didn’t get to see her naked boobs or pussy still.

Another day, we were seeing the pictures in the laptop. She was in a white chudidhar. I said, “Maya, you are really sexy” and kissed her lips. She was confused, I broke the kiss and looked into her eyes, and kissed again. This time, she responded.

I pressed her right boobs with one hand but she removed my hand and broke the kiss saying, “This is wrong, Rahul. We shouldn’t do this.”

But I hugged her and said, “Sorry Maya” and kissed her again. We didn’t stop now. I pressed her boobs and she removed my hands and again I pressed and again she stopped my hand. However, this time, she didn’t remove it.

Then I removed her top. She hugged me and removed my t-shirt. I untied her pant and removed her slips/chummis. She was in her blue bra and black panties. I became naked and removed her panties and raised her bra above her boobs. It was the first time I was seeing a girl fully naked and that too my elder sister Maya.

I pressed and sucked her boobs one by one. She was moaning, I moved towards her pussy and started to finger it. I inserted one finger for each stroke and soon inserted my full five fingers. Her moans became heavy and her pussy was leaking. I licked and sucked her pussy, she shivered.

Then I guided my cock in her pussy and pressed it. As we both were virgins, we felt some pain and difficulty. But with full power, I pushed my cock and broke her hymen. She was bleeding from her pussy and tears rolled down from her eyes. I waited for 5 minutes and then started to pump her pussy.

I fucked her 20 minutes and ejaculated inside her pussy. I laid above her. When I woke up, she had cleaned herself, dressed and was lying near me placing her head on my chest. That indicated she too liked whatever happened. But after that, she didn’t allow me to fuck her nor she came for the photoshoot. However, she was behaving normally with me.

Hope you enjoyed the story!

Thanks for reading the story, all my sez stories are fiction.

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