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The Girl with the Angry Dragon

The Girl with the Angry Dragon

I’d heard the ‘pop’ of champagne cork often before, but tonight it was remarkably more of an aphrodisiac than I was used to. The white, frothy liquid began to overflow from the bottle,almost to foreshadow the night’s coming attractions. Yes, it reminded me of a nice big cock releasing its creamy white after sucking it, gagging on it, and jerking it off for an hour or two.

We stood in my open kitchen, toasting the night by clinking our champagne flutes together and slowly made our way to the balcony of my luxurious penthouse, overlooking the night skyline. The toast was his idea, the night was unremarkable to say the least in my eyes. He was a self-centered loser with no career who thought he was God’s gift to women. Tonight was our first date and was so sub-average it would normally have been our last. He was no Prince Charming. Far from it in fact. I had selected the city’s most exclusive restaurant and was disappointed to see him show up in dirty jeans and a cheap sweater that looked like he bought it in K-mart. I, in contrast, had spent hours earlier waxing my legs, my pussy, and looking just perfect in my revealing designer dress.

The rest of the night was downhill from there, drab conversation that was less sparkling than the champagne I was sipping on. But I didn’t care. Now, standing on my balcony, we both knew I was going to let him fuck my brains out.

As we helped ourselves to the last few drops of expensive champagne, he decided to make his move. He walked up behind me taking the bottle from me and putting it behind him on my deck table. He brushed his hair away from my face and began whispering in my ear. “I never got a chance to show what you in that dress does to me.” I felt his hot breath on the nape of my neck, which he began to succulently kiss. He ran his free hand down to my waistline. I could feel how much he liked my dress. I instinctively stuck my butt out a bit more to press against his throbbing head. Damn, this boy was hard. I was ever hopeful the evening could be salvaged by a big cock for me to choke on and fuck.

I shot back the last of my champagne and placed my glass next to the bottle on the table and turned to face him. He followed suit and soon our two hands were free to grope each other. He lent in and kissed me…poorly, though I’m sure he thought it would have been enough to make me wet. He was right unfortunately, but only because of how lousy my sex life had been lately. I needed cock. Any cock, and my drawer full of rubber dildos just didn’t cut it any more.

I led him back into my penthouse, trying to get his horrible breath out of my mouth but we didn’t make it further than my open living room. He pinned me against one of the several marble pillars and began to kiss the back of my neck and thrusting his cock into my ass. I couldn’t help but let out a little girly ‘yelp’. My head was turned to the right and we were kissing, me arching my back to access his tongue. Better than a few moments ago, but not the7 best I’ve ever had by far.

I turned to face him and let him lift my right leg up. The slit in my dress exposed my entire bare, perfectly waxed leg to him during our hotter kiss. He took advantage of the opening and pressed himself in between my legs. I felt the large mound in his crotch against my bare pussy. I don’t wear panties when I expect sex. I grew increasingly aroused

knowing the only thing separating his cock and my dripping wet snatch was the stained jeans he was wearing. I wrapped my arms around him and he hoisted me up by my butt and pinned me against the pillar with my legs wrapped around his waist. I gasped, louder than before, as he began to dry hump me. He sucked my neck and kissed me under my chin, Some of my favorite erogenous zones, other than the spot where his penis was desperate to penetrate.

“Mmm I know how much you want me baby, your wish will come true soon” he muttered as he began to dry hump me further. I wriggled my large breasts out of my strapless dress and without hesitation it slipped down to expose my perfect size 36 C-cup titties. Normally his comment after such a lackluster date would have dried my pussy up faster than you can say ‘creampie’, but I needed to be fucked.

I slid my left leg back to the ground, the four inch stiletto echoing in the large penthouse as it made contact with my stone tile floor. My right leg was now slung over his left shoulder and I could feel his cock shaft against my aching pussy. Noticing my perfect tits for the first time, he let out a caveman grunt like it was feeding time. He went for my left nipple first…maybe because it was pierced. I groped around and found his belt buckle and began to undo it as he sucked on my left tit. His thrusts began to wane. This boy wasn’t a multi-tasker, but he was hitting the spot. He pulled away and offered me the opportunity to pull his cheap-ass sweater off him. My dress was now scrunched up around my waist…the bottom hiked up as he dry fucked me and the top slunked down underneath my hard exposed nipples. My hairless pussy was glistening in the romantic ambiance and dim light. I took his undershirt off and pulled his head into me over my left shoulder. He thrust harder now with one hand over my right breast, squeezing and massaging it as he thrust into me more. My chin was over his left shoulder and I used my free left-hand to undo the button on his Levi’s and unzip him. His thrusts were strong enough to drop his pants around his ankles almost instantly and I was rewarded with a sudden warmth between my pussy. It was his cock, he had no underwear on either and his shaft was rubbing deep into my slit, spreading the lips, allowing the underside of his erect penis to rub against my clit. An erotic aroma began to fill the room, or at least our vicinity of it. It was my pussy. It was hungry for some action and was very self-stimulating. Don’t tell me that pheromones don’t work.

I wanted him to just end my suffering and just pound me with his cock, but this boy had seen enough porn to know that he liked being sucked before he fucked. He moved back and my right leg came down off his shoulder. I let my dress slip off around my stilettos and I kicked it towards the fireplace. I moved around my couch, knowing he was admiring my perfect body in all its glory in the dim light of my penthouse. He came around the other side of my couch and I squatted down to come face to face with his throbbing

penis. seeing it for the first time I grew irritated. He was 5 inches at the most. I was going to be fucked by a boy, but I was too horny to stop now. I looked down at my perfectly hairless pussy and got turned on to see myself dripping small puddles from my vagina. He grew impatient and thrust his short cock into my mouth. I slapped his flabby abdomen and gave him a dirty look as if to say ‘I’ll do it myself’.

‘Suck my big cock, bitch’ I was too irritated…and horny to argue. I jerked him off slowly and began to lick his cock. He tasted like urine and smelt like rotten fish. I was fucking a slob. I wrapped my lips around his warm cock and even after realizing his girth was sub average, did my best to pretend to enjoy it. “MMMMMMMMMM” i muffled as I slowly sucked him harder and harder, threatening to rupture the capillaries in his micropenis. I deepthroated him, a remarkably easy feat, and even opened my mouth wide allowing him to throat fuck me. I sucked him harder and harder with increasingly voracious appetite and desire, making sure to look up at him with my big bambi eyes as I did. My view of his face was obscured by his muffin top, but I’m sure he was enjoying it. No man can resist my mastered technique. His breathing became very erratic and he was soon grabbing the back of my head to violently gag me, irrumatio style, faster and faster, until I pulled away. I was maintaining deep suction and as I pulled off his cock, a loud ‘smack’ sound erupted from my mouth. A mixture of his precum and my saliva and throat mucous clung to my face and strung to the head of his glistening cock, coated in my spit. I looked up at him and giggled. He pushed me down onto my couch and spread my legs. An erotic groan signaled his approval of my bare pussy and my state of arousal. My pussy looked like it had been slathered in lube. I don’t use lube. The wetness was all me. He began tonguing my navel ring and fingering my pussy. ‘Ouch!’ i squealed suddenly and looked down. The bastard needed to cut his nails. He slid down and began helping himself to some prime pussy. I was getting more and more aroused, but mostly from the knowledge that I was being eaten out. His technique itself was sloppy. He had no routine, he had no confidence, and I felt like I was being tasted by a German Shepherd. Still, not many guys like to eat pussy and his performance wasn’t far off from some of the best carpet licking i’ve ever had. I let him tongue me and simultaneously finger me making sure I threw him a sympathetic ‘mmmmmm’ or a soft ‘ yes baby…oh right there!.

He flipped me around suddenly and resumed to eat me on all fours. He fingered my pussy and began to run his tongue around my cute asshole. I felt so much pleasure from knowing how much power I had over him. “That’s right, bitch” I thought to myself. “Taste my asshole!”

When he was done, he stood up. Knowing what was next, I arched my back when I felt his left hand around my thigh. The feeling of his warm, sticky head against my quivering wet pussy lips told me I was about to be penetrated. It didn’t take much, only a half inch of insertion before the wetness of my pussy sucked up his cock up to the hilt. I got another taste of how much of a dick he was with his next comment “Wow right in there, you’re one loose slut, bitch!”. I just took it and let him fuck me. I could feel his pea-sized testicles against my ass as he thrust. I pushed back as he thrusted to try and make it rougher. “Aww yeah you fucking cunt, tell me how much you love my fat cock deep in your snatch” he grunted. I didn’t get a chance to indulge him. He pulled out of me and threw me down on the couch and jumped on me missionary style. I moaned louder and louder, trying to placate the fantasy he had of fucking a slut. Although really, here he was fucking an upper class girl, he shouldn’t need any other fantasy.

“Oh my fucking god i love your cock baby. Oh you’re so good. Yes. YES! Oh my god right there baby! YES PLEASE…”

I was in the supersonic range with my screaming. My moistness was evident from the erotic sounds his cock made as he penetrated me. He was grunting good and hard and was lying right on top of me. If I hadn’t been so busy trying to win an academy award with my performance, I would have been revolted by how hot we were getting and with the BO I was beginning to smell…in addition to his breath.

“Oh God, yeah” he suddenly exclaimed. I knew what was coming, the retraction of his balls, the firmness of his cock. I slid away from him just to make sure…just in time to see him grab his cock and dribble out a few drops of white semen on the faint outline of my abs. He pumped himself ferociously to squeeze the last few drops out of the pathetic wad of cum he produced. I locked my eyes on to his face and when he finally opened his eyes I’m sure he could see my frustration. “What’s your problem, bitch?” he asked.

I was furious. I was so sexually deprived and I hadn’t had one orgasm with his pencil sized cock inside me. Not that he gave me much time to. A quick look at my wall clock told me only four minutes had elapsed from the dry humping to the pop-shot in my belly button.

“Go clean yourself off”

I obeyed. I slid off my couch and stood up, grabbing a nearby box of tissues to wipe his spunk off me, I wanted so desperately to have a shower to wash off all the evidence of my desperation and needing to succumb to this blue-collared slob for sexual gratification. My frustration was no longer repressible. I threw the box of tissues at him as well as the balled up Kleenex I used to wipe his cum off my toned midsection. “Go wipe your pathetic self off and get the fuck out of my house” I said to him.

“What’s your problem you dirty skank?”

“Why don’t you fuck off and send over any one of your friends if they can last more than three and a half minutes to do the work of a real man”.

I had been in situations like this before. Things could get ugly. I slid my dress back on and grabbed his pants which housed his wallet and cell phone. Walking to my door, I opened it and in a hurry threw his shit into the hall way…this was the only way he was sure to leave my pad. Sure enough, he had hopped out to the hallway with his stained shirt and sweater in hand, quickly grabbing his jeans to slip them on, lest my neighbor’s suddenly see him in the hallway.

“You can’t even make a woman cum with your pathetic cigar-sized sorry excuse for a penis. I’ve had better orgasms from my shower-head!” I screamed at him, hoping the elevator door would open or my neighbors would in fact step out to see what the commotion was about. I wanted to humiliate him, and I was certain that I had. He became defensive and called me a slut and other expletives. They fell upon deaf ears, with my heavy wooden door slamming shut, effectively silencing him, promptly followed by my heavy bolt and door chain.

I shuddered at how low I had stooped. I was worth better than him. After I showered and scrubbed whatever grime he would have transferred on to me from touching me, I douched myself. My first ever rubber dildo was waiting for me in the shower. I sat down under the stream of heavy, warm water, and began to pretend to suck it off, imagining it was a thick long cock. I rubbed myself between my legs and threw my head back at the pleasure of the warm trickling water and my skilled fingers. I slapped my clit and lips with the heavy rubber prosthetic in my right hand and instinctively spread my legs as I began to insert it deep into my wet cunt. What a contrast my durable dildo was to the blue-collared waste of a cock I had just encountered. For the first time all night I felt pleasure and I knew if I wanted an orgasm it would have to be at my own hand. I was finally beginning to relax and soon involuntarily the ‘pitter patter’ of my shower faucet against my bathroom shower tile was drowned out by my erotic and sensual moaning. I threw my legs in the air and began to deeply inhale the steam filling my bathroom. The steam could have literally been emanating from me I was so hot. I was fucking myself the way I wanted to be fucked…the way I deserved to be fuck. I began stabbing my pussy deeply with my toy and began cumming harder than I ever had in the last few months. I didn’t stop, I kept pounding myself like a slut at the mercy of a ten inch veiny cock until the final earth trembling orgasm that curled my toes, arched my back, and had me convulsing like I was having a seizure. I could feel the electricity and I could sense how hard I was squirming on my shower floor. I must have blacked out for a brief second or two. I was still panting like a bitch in heat, right cheek on the floor, drool dripping from my luscious lips, right hand cupping my tits, left hand gripping my dildo, still deep inside me.

I was more relaxed than an hour ago after I threw the white-trash out of my home, but I was still craving dick. A man who knew how to fuck a woman. As I toweled myself off I grabbed my cordless and dialed my best girlfriend up. It rang three times before a sexy voice picked up. I knew it was 2:30 in the morning, but I didn’t care. I needed to vent to a woman.

“Oh no, what happened?” Jada asked me when she realized the date must have ended abruptly.

I relayed the entire sequence of events in every minute girly detail, knowing she was sympathizing with me with her ‘awwwws’ and giggles when I described

the pathetic size of the blue-collared cock I foolishly decided to indulge in.

“I’m so pissed off. I gave him prime pussy and all I got was a four minute ride. Jada I need a man so fucking badly.”

“Girls like us don’t pick trash off the floor to bring home Hanny, we skim the stop of the pool for the studs. Sure its fun to go slumming once in a while for the thrill, but they’re not the same as real men.”

Jada was right. There I was, a voluptuous, successful girl, living in a $1.2 million penthouse, worth much more than that. I deserved way better than the crud I went slumming with for a glorious four minutes. I knew I could count on Jada. My hopes sky rocketed with her next comment:

“I think I have the perfect man for you actually. He’s sure not to disappoint. I’ll text you his number. He’s free tomorrow morning. Call him after nine and tell him I gave you his info.”

“Is he large?” – I wasn’t surprised I asked this. I was aching to be stretched out from the inside.

“Just call him, baby. He’s all man, ridiculously sexy, and comes HIGHLY recommended from some….good sources (giggle)”

I hung up and couldn’t suppress a smile. I knew Jada would understand. Jada was my best friend since middle school. We practiced kissing with each other and began to experiment as early as fourteen. It was the early erotic connections we had that gave us the similar impeccable and high-class taste we had in only the finest men that made us the envy of every bitch who laid eyes on us. When Jada told me about this perfect candidate I became instantly wet.

I crawled into bed with my lights off and opened my bedside drawer. It was 3:15 and I had just extracted my favorite vibe. I was going to celebrate by masturbating to sleep. With the preconditioned wetness that accompanies the buzzing sound of my vibrator, I gyrated my hips to the amazing vibrations of my toy. I felt so dirty, like a cheap slut, indulging myself to the millions of fucking fantastic sensations at my own hands. If only a man could do this to me. I began to think of the man Jada described. He was a dream. I imagined the vibrator was his touch, the electrical pulsations shooting down my body being a result of his lips and tongue spreading my labia apart and stimulating my clit. The involuntary gasps and slutty moans a direct result of his fat cock spreading me thin. I opened my eyes and realized how long I had been fantasizing when it took a long time for my eyes to adjust. Beads of sweat

were visible on my hard titties. The room began to spin and a dirty sensation crept over me. “Here it comes” I thought to myself. I arched my back and muffled a loud scream as my pussy succumbed to sensory overload. I flipped my light on and kept the vibe to my juicy pink pussy and shuddered at the result. The aroma of my essence filled my room again. I threw my vibe across my room and slapped at my pussy hard with my open faced palm. I finger banged myself and visibly saw my juices ooze out of my gaping lips. The warmth dripping between my butt crack. I began slurping my fingers, enjoying my taste, my womanly scent. I was the sweetest out of any girl I’ve ever tasted and I was proud of it. I turned my light off, satisfied with my many orgasms, and rested my eyes, still savoring the taste of A-1 pussy on my tongue.

The next morning, I eagerly called Jada’s contact. I always am used to getting what I want and I was still in no mood to wait for it.

“Mmm Yeah?” a sexy manly voice answered. I knew I had woken him up. I couldn’t help wonder if he was naked between his sheets, or if he was alone for that matter, it was Saturday morning after all. The kind of man Jada made him up to me excited me. He was my kind of man, and that meant there had to be at least one naked woman passed out from an impeccable night of fucking, next to him.

“Who is this?” he persisted. My mind had wandered long enough.

“Hi its Jennifer calling.”

“Jennifer who?”

“Sorry I got your number through Jada. I hope its ok I called.” I answered in as sweet a voice as I could manage, even doing cute mannerisms as if he were able to see me. Hopefully this sold it more.”

“Mmm no not at all” he said. I could tell he was stretching and had flung his sheets off as he swung over and sat up in his bed. “How did I come up

in a conversation with the lovely Jada?” he pressed.

I giggled to him. “We were kind of talking about hot guys” I shyly answered back. “She thought we should get together.”

He was smooth, very smooth, and he had charmed the pants off of me in only a short while…or my panties to be specific. I talked to him for about an hour while lying on my back and rubbing my pussy…masturbating to his voice and his wit. He didn’t know it. Or at least I didn’t tell him, but this man was different. He had to have known, but if he did, he didn’t let on. My muffled whimpers and moans must have given it away too. This was a real man, he must have been used to women wetting their panties at his first word.

I hung up with him after another hour. What an incredible connection we had for just our first conversation. The man oozed sexuality, manliness, and class with enough potency to make me wet and cum over the phone. I salivated at the thought of what our date would bring. We had agreed to meet for dinner at the same restaurant I was at the night before; His suggestion. This man had good taste. I mean after all, he was going to fuck me. How could he not?”

I walked into the restaurant feeling sexier than ever. A new designer dress that pushed the boundaries between slutty and classy, four inch stilettos that shaped my calves like a model and curved my butt out into a perfect C-shape. I knew who he was right away. The Greek God of a man stood up and flashed an incredibly sexy white-hot smile at me as I walked towards him. I subconsciously licked my luscious lips and brushed the long hair away from my face. We hugged briefly and he kissed my left cheek, leaving me numb and tingly until our drinks came. He was as gorgeous a specimen as Jada had described to me. Tall, dark, and incredibly handsome with a powerful six-foot frame. His chest was so developed his pectoral definition showed through his Armani shirt. His trim waist had no other alternative but to house a six or an eight-pack ripped enough to grate cheese on, and his ass was so firm I could have bounced a quarter off of it. I brushed my hand against it during our initial embrace. (I know, I’m so bad). His eyes penetrated deep into me and his cheekbones were very prominent giving him a sexy natural expression. This man took care of himself and I knew would take care of me tonight.

Dinner was fantastic and was pilfered with harmless but very suggestive flirting. He knew I wanted him when I ran my foot up the inside of his thigh under the table. He deserved me and I him. After all, I was sitting in a puddle of my own juice all through appetizers, entrees, and dessert.

“Where to now?” he said, as I slid on my overcoat outside the restaurant in the cool evening. He straightened my coat collar and brushed my hair away from my beautiful face. I was his and I showed it to him by leaning in and softly pressing my glistening pouty lips against his very kissable and soft lips. Our lips smacked lightly, and separated briefly, pausing in midair until they hungrily made contact again, i slid my tongue out and lightly opened my eyes to the welcome and delicious sight of his beautifully chiseled face approaching mine. Our tongues rubbed against each other and he sucked on my lower lip while embracing me: one arm around my petite waist, the other on the side of my head, his fingers wrapping around my skull, his thumb on my soft face, cupping my chin, holding me in place. I moaned softly as we kissed harder and moved my arms from clenching his expensive shirt at the front over his ripped chest to down his abdomen, feeling bump, bump, and bump of his six-pack. We kissed longer and harder and I slid my arms up and around his neck, pulling him tighter as he ran his arms down my waist and cupping my firm ass. When we finally separated it felt as though fireworks had gone off. I gazed into his eyes as

he fondled my ass and kissed my forehead.

“mmm My place?” I muttered after remembering his question from what seemed like a lifetime ago interrupted by the best kiss of my life.

Back at home, I gave him a tour of my penthouse. He was very impressed with the luxury which turned me on even more. Here was a man who knew what the finer things in life were. Here was a man that unmistakably knew I was on that list…and he didn’t let me forget it. The sweet, suave, classy man I had become moist for in the restaurant began to take control as we sucked face. I led him to my bed and sat him down on the edge as I straddled him and gave him a seated lap dance as we kissed more.

“You have no idea how good you are at kissing” I moaned as he sucked on my neck. He hit the same spots the fucktard before him did yesterday, but with better results and precision accuracy, almost as if to say to the loser (if he could hear) “This is how you seduce a woman”. He slid my dress up over my head and I deftly unbuttoned his shirt and peeled it back with such force the shirt almost ripped. My treat was in front of me, a chiseled body with muscles bulging, prominent and ready to go. The sinewy and ripped appearance almost promising me unspeakable pleasure to come.

“I want you to fuck me” I heard myself saying. “Hard”.

“I know” he grunted back as I slid the shirt off of his massive arms.

“Mmm look at those tits” he groaned as the dress came right up off me. I pressed the back of his head into my nipples as he indulged himself and

arched backward, enjoying the pleasure only his tongue was giving me. I was bare-naked on his lap. He pulled away from me and looked down at my bald eagle.

“What the fuck?” he said astonished. He had felt me dripping onto his pants. A lot.

“I’m sorry” I said embarrassed.”

He looked up at me, flashed a sexy grin and threw me on to the bed. I shifted onto my back and opened my legs, inviting him in the way flashing lights invite a plane to land on the tarmac. He kissed my inner thighs and licked them, tantalizingly teasing me, making me beg for cunnilingus. I was going crazy, arching my back, gently nudging his head closer to my scrumptiously wet and oozing pussy. He gave me one big solid lick from my perineum up to my clit which hit me like 10,000 volts of electricity, sending shivers throughout my body. He flicked his tongue around my clit in rapid succession. I let out the loudest moan of my life. The sensation was indescribable and I actually found myself in ecstasy overload that I almost pulled away from his hungry tongue. He held me to tightly though and before I knew it, I had cum, in his face. He hungrily lapped up my juices and sucked on my lips and my clit, moaning in pleasure as he did so. He glanced up at me to see me playing with my breasts. My face was contorted in pure ecstasy at the work of his tongue. He saw that and fed off


“Your pussy is utterly perfect” he said between muff dives.

“GAGGED you’re FUCKING PERFECT!” was all I could muster out. I was gasping and deep breathing.

I was already covered in sweat and was nearing my fourth orgasm in ten minutes…and his cock wasn’t even out of his fucking pants yet.

He kissed my pussy lovingly, nuzzled my clit with his nose, and softly blew cold air at my wet clit. Out of pure reflex I jerked my leg out, kicking an imaginary person at the side of my bed. I was propping myself up with my arms behind me, looking down at him pleasuring me, and going absolutely wild.

“How the fuck are you doing that? That’s fucking gold!” I said amidst heavy breaths. The contrast was so hot, there he was, looking perfect as ever between my legs, calmly, suckling my wet cunt, licking my clit, enjoying the bouquet of aroused pussy and womanly essence. There I was, in utter chaos, ready to rip my hair out and claw at him like a hungry cat.

I shuddered with his large tongue lapping deeply at my pussy and squirmed like a schoolgirl losing her virginity when i felt his warm tongue slide inside my awaiting pussy. He was greeted with a wall of pussy juice that I felt ooze out of me and he began hungrily sampling everything he could. My heart was pounding harder than his tongue was and I erupted in sparks of pleasure. “ohhh GODDDD I’m CUMMINGGG” I grunted in a high pitch voice as he flashed his tongue quickly over my clit. Tears streaked down my face and my nails dug deep into my mattress.

After I calmed down I pulled him towards me and hungrily devoured his tongue. My pussy juice never tasted better coming off of his hot mouth. I wrestled with his pants as he began to massage my pussy, sending me into spirals of softer orgasms. I could feel myself internally throbbing at his touch.

“Give me that cock” I gritted between clenched teeth as I pulled his pants down, exposing his boxers. He had a significant mound which unfolded into a large throbbing ten inch cock that was as big as my forearm. My eyes opened wide, followed by my mouth. I licked him from balls to head. He tasted the way a man should. And so I began the monumental task of sucking on his cock. I deepthroated him the best I could and smiled when he chuckled at how often my gag reflex activated with him in my mouth. I HUNGRILY swallowed him whole and enthusiastically sucked his cock. My lungs were starving for oxygen. I was depriving myself of air in my hot desire to turn him on. I reamed on his cock hard with my fist and when I absolutely needed to breathe, pulled off of him and jerked him off like a professional slut. I french kissed his cock and slurped up his creamy pre-cum. I was ambitious tonight. I scuttled over onto my back with my head hanging off over my mattress. He fucked my throat until my lips made contact with my balls. I grabbed his ass to keep him inside my throat.

“Ahh baby you’re so good. Stick your tongue out, stick your tongue out baby”

I obliged and was rewarded with an unintelligible sound that I could only assume was his admiration of my ability to slide my tongue out over the shaft of his throbbing cock. I guided him by his ass deeper into my throat until I almost vomited. He helped me up and embraced me as the blood rushed down from my head after being upside down for so long. He kissed me deeply and forced me into missionary style. I wrapped my legs around him and looked at him deeply, silently communicating to him that I was ready for him. he tantalized me by pressing the head of his swollen cock against my lips. He surprised me by getting off of me and I sat up in awe. How could he stop suddenly? I got my answer.

He produced a large condom from his pants pocket and proceeded to kiss me and began to rip the package with his teeth. I smiled at him, biting my lower lip and stopped him, taking the condom from him, package intact. I flung it across the room. This man was a keeper.

“Fuck it” i said. “And while you’re at it, fuck me!” I slid my tongue into his mouth again and he pinned me back to my mattress.

“You silly boy” I chuckled as he kissed my neck and sucked on my breasts. “As if you didn’t know you were worthy of bareback action”.

He didn’t respond, I lifted my head up in time to see his cock slide slowly into my wet pussy. I began to sigh and moan, and feel the stretch. I was wanting this for so long, and my inability to lie still demonstrated this. His cock was like liquid crack. I squeezed my eyes shut and moaned silently to myself, then loudly when I couldn’t contain it anymore.

“Shhhhh” he said, seeing the expression of agonizing pleasure on my face with his cock only half in. He kissed my forehead to relax the muscles contorting my face. I hungrily sucked his lips closer to mine and bit his lower lip hard causing it to bleed as he slammed the rest of his cock deep inside me. I screamed louder than I had ever screamed before and instinctively my hands pressed against his six-pack to ease him into me.

“What’s the matter?” he whispered in heat.

“You’re just….so huge” I cried back at him. “I want you so much though baby”

“Try this” he said, he pulled out of me quickly, giving me a large orgasm in and of itself as his large head bumped my clit on its way out. He sat me on top of his cock in cowgirl position and eased me over his cock. I began to impale myself on him and slid down to the base of his cock.

“Oh fuck!!” I exclaimed.

“Your pussy is out of this world”

I began to gyrate as he began to thrust. We were making sweet music together. My slutty groans, his manly grunts, the delicious “thwap thwap thwap” of his hard cock and solid muscle slapping against and into my dripping wet pussy. His hands cupped my breasts sending me into a spiral of pleasure I’ve never experienced before. He sat up, producing extra definition to his abs as I jumped up and down on his hard granite cock. We reverted to missionary. I was anticipating the pleasure to come with his gentle thrusts but was violently surprised by rapid machine-gun like firing in succession. I moaned and screamed with blood-curdling volume. I was finally being fucked like the slut I was. Like the way I deserved.

‘Oh no…I’m coming ALREADY?’ I thought to myself.

“Baby, Baby!” I grunted

“MMMMMmmmm fuck”

“Baby, I’m coming!!” I squealed

“MMM then cum for me” he erotically grunted to me.

It was too late, I felt the sexual tension build and explode. I experienced my first squirting orgasm ever. I gushed my essence out like a fountain with such force it expelled his penis from my cunt. My legs were spread wide and shaking like I was on drugs. I grunted like a pregnant bitch in labour and moaned He read my orgasm perfectly. He didn’t stop. He was right back in me and continued to fuck me like a champ. I gushed again and again and again until we were fucking in a pool of hot slutty pussy soup that was my mattress. My throat was beginning to become hoarse…partly from the throat rape I endured earlier, partly from the incessant moaning and screaming. He fucked me in every possible position imaginable. I had lost count of how many times I had cum. Now it was his turn. His cock began to throb, his testicles began to retract, his breathing began to tell me he was close and he pulled out of me.

“NO” I screamed!

This man was the man who deserved to come inside me. I slid back over his cock and let him thrust into me as his moaning became louder and louder until I felt his cock throb and release inside me. My mouth opened as I felt spurting hot warmth inside me and out of me. He was cumming with such force that my tight pussy wasn’t able to contain it.

“Ohhhh fuck!!!!” was all he could say. He looked up at me. I was still mesmerized by my first creampie. I looked at him with love and he slid out of me slowly. Trails of his cum strands still connected my pussy to his cock. I broke the string with my finger and sucked on it, helping myself to seconds and thirds by squeezing out the soda-can volume of cum from my pussy, onto my fingers, and into my mouth. I licked his head and lightly sucked the sensitive head of his cum-smeared cock to sample more of his cum. He tasted like fruit-salad and I couldn’t get enough. It was then that I noticed that he was still rock hard. Gripping his shaft, I stroked him lightly expecting to feel him soften. He didn’t, and I found myself looking up at him in amazement as he smiled down on me.

“Holy fuck, are you even HUMAN?!”

He turned me around on all fours and assumed the same position as me, cradling me close to him, hard cock in front of my sore aching and flushed/red pussy.

“Have you ever done anal?” he whispered to me? “A dirty slut like you must have. I bet you love it.”

“I don’t know baby”. There was no way he was going to fit inside my tight ass. At the same time, I was curious.

“I bet your ass can take it.” he persisted.

“Please…” I whispered. “Do it!”. I suddenly lost interest in my personal well-being. This man had an anaconda of a cock and who am I to pass up on this opportunity. he rubbed his cock over my clit, down to my pussy, over my perineum, poised over my asshole.

“…and baby?” I added.


“…don’t stop. No matter what I say, how much it hurts, how much I bleed, don’t stop until you’re finished. Fuck me rough, fuck me like your little angel

slut. Do whatever pleases you.”

That’s all he needed to hear. With his cock still lubed from my pussy juice, he plunged himself in. It felt like a knife stabbing me deeply and I cried out, both from pain and pleasure. I felt sharp tears in my stretched anus, and warmth trickling down between my legs. The dark red spots on my white bedsheets told me it wasn’t me squirting again. He was fucking me brutally hard and fast now and I was paying the ultimate price….but I didn’t want him to stop. He deserved to anally rape me. He deserved all of this. “Urghh!” he moaned as he experienced tightness, the likes of which he’s never felt before. His cock penetrated deep into my colon and I too began to experience the pleasure from his girth and from the trauma he inflicted onto my once pretty asshole. Brutally, he pumped himself into my ass, slapping it hard and grunting with all his might, until he was ready to cum. As he pulled himself out, I felt as if I prolapsed. I didn’t care. He was proud of me and he fucked me like his own. Quickly, he fed me his cock and I enjoyed the ass-to-mouth, savoring the taste of my ass, with mixed flavors of blood and cum. I massaged his balls and aggressively jerked my head up and down over his cock until he blew another sticky wad into my mouth. He came with such force that I spurted his cum out of my nose. I sputtered and coughed as he groaned, stroking himself to ooze more creamy white goodness out of his throbbing schlong, occasionally


“Fuck you were amazing” he said, satisfied and resting. I curled up next to him after blowing my nose and swallowing the deliciously creamy cum. I sighed with pure satisfaction, resting my head on his chest, running my hands up and down his sweaty abs. We breathed heavily in each others arms in silence until I crawled on top of him and kissed him. We cuddled again and I glanced at my alarm clock. We had been fucking for two hours without a break. It felt like five with the intense pleasure he gave me. Brushing my hair away from my face he looked into my eyes.

“So how did you enjoy your first ‘angry dragon?'”

I kissed him and we fell asleep in each his arms.

I loved my first angry dragon. I’ve been opened to a new world of sexual encounters and don’t ever feel the need to go ‘slumming’ I’ve since fucked him regularly about a dozen or so times with each experience outdoing the last. Now, porn doesn’t get me off anymore. Not when I have him to satisfy my every desire, and I him.

I love Jada. She really has the best taste in men. Me and my new man should find a way to thank her. Maybe she should join us the next time around. Nothing says ‘thank you’ like a gooey ‘Angry Dragon’. Right?

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