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The Sleepover | Sex Stories Post

I don’t know what it is, but I’m always finding myself alone on Friday nights. I’m usually stuck home bored, while my family goes out somewhere, and my girlfriend is out doing something too. As soon as I had come home that day, I had done my daily routine of cleaning myself out and fucking my ass raw, but it was now seven at night, and the sun had already gone down for the night, and I was still stuck with nothing to do. I was dressed comfortably, with pajama pants, and t-shirt, and slippers on. I tried watching TV, but there was nothing good on. I tried watching a movie, but it was something I had seen before and I got bored very quickly from watching it.

My girlfriend couldn’t do anything because she was hosting a sleepover with a couple of her friends that night. I was texting her periodically, only getting an answer from her every 30-45 minutes because of the distraction of those around her, which was understood. She was telling me what was going on over there. Nothing too special or surprising; just the typical gossip, penis conversations, and an update on the various sex lives and conquests with each other’s boyfriends.

At one point as I was texting her, she responded to me asking me if I would want to sneak over to her house early in the early morning to hang out with everyone. I quickly agreed, having not been able to spend time at an all girls sleepover ever before. She then told me that she would text me later to let me know when to leave and come over. I said ok, and let her return her attention to the other girls.

I started to get excited. I ate a bowl of cereal as a small snack before taking a quick shower to make sure I was looking clean and smelling nice for all the girls that were over my girlfriend’s house. I dressed in jeans and a sweatshirt, since it was a cooler late summer night. I sat around for a couple hours more, until about 12:30am, when I got a text from my girlfriend. It read that I could head over.

I drove over and parked a couple doors down from her house, so that if her parents got up they wouldn’t see an extra car in front of their house. I texted my girlfriend and let her know I was here. I waited a couple seconds in my car, until I got a text back from her. She told me to sneak around to the back of her house and knock on the window to her basement so that she could let me in.

I got out of my car, shut and locked the door, and started walking down the street towards her house. I passed sleeping houses and bright streetlights that seemed to lead the way. I final got to her house, and cut across the grass to get to the back of the house. I crept around, and got to the window she wanted me to knock at. I could see in to the basement, where I could see my girlfriend, and four of her closest friends sitting around in a circle, laughing and having a good time. They all looked really cute in tight tank tops, some wearing just panties and others with pajama bottoms on. I looked through the glass at everyone, thinking to myself this was going to be a fun time with just me and five other half naked girls.

I put my hand up to the glass and tapped lightly, and immediately everyone’s heads turned to look up at the window where I was staring back at everyone. My girlfriend got up, and picked up a chair that was located behind her. She walked over to where the window was up at the top of the basement wall, and placed the chair down. She got up on the chair, reached up and unlatched the window to open it, standing on her tippy toes to reach it. She lifted the window to greet me, smiling.

“Well hello.” She said. I bent down to kiss her, as all of her friends behind her all said “aww” in unison. She got off the chair, so that I could turn around and climb in to the basement feet first. I planted one foot on the chair, with the other right after. I stepped down from the chair to face everyone at the party.

There was my girlfriend, who had on a purple tank top and blue lace panties that looked very hot on her, with the tank top just showing enough of her C cup breasts to make my mouth water, wearing her dark hair down tonight which came to a stop a little past her shoulders. Next to her was her friend Michelle, who had a yellow tank top on, with slightly bigger tits than my girlfriend, but I couldn’t see her bottom half cause she was snuggled up in her sleeping bag. Next to her was Rachel, who had a sweatshirt on so I couldn’t see her body very well, but I’ve seen her around before and she has nice small perky tits. She had boxers on with her sweatshirt. Next to her was Nicole, a very sexy girl that was wearing a blue t-shirt with sweatpants on, and finally next to Nicole was Amber, who also had a tank top on, and wore sweatpants as well. All five girls look extremely sexy, as it’s not common to see them without all the over done make-up, and they all looked quite nice.

“So what are we going to do now that he is here?” asked Nicole? “We can’t talk about all the fun stuff anymore!”

“Yeah we can! You can just ask him about all the stuff I told you, or if you want a guys perspective about something, you can ask him. I’m sure he wont mind. Anyways, we can come back to that stuff, anybody want to play truth or dare?”

“Hell yeah! Best times ever playing that game!” exclaimed Rachel. All of the girls agreed and I pulled up to the chair and sat down outside the circle. I was just going to observe at this moment, besides I was pretty happy, because the only thing that comes out of playing truth or dare with a bunch of girls is either seeing some flesh, or seeing some of them kiss. It’s a win anyway you think about it.

“Who should go first?” asked Amber. My girlfriend looked up at me.

“Think of a number from 1 to 10 and we’ll will try guess it, and the closest person gets to go first. I pick 3.”

“I got 6!” said Nicole.

“I pick 2”, said Amber.

“I pick 8”, said Michelle.

“I pick 5”, said Rachel.

I waited till Rachel said her number, and announced, “The number I had in mind was 9. Go ahead Michelle.” Michelle got excited and began to think what to ask.

“Ok, Amber, truth or dare?” Amber thought for a bit, and then answered.

“Truth!” She said smiling.

Michelle seemed to already have her question thought out before. “Amber, what’s the kinkiest thing you’ve ever done with a guy?”

Amber paused for a bit, then answered. “I had a guy fuck my ass once, he came inside me, then I squatted on the floor, pushed his cum out on to the floor, and licked it up right in front of him off the floor.”

“Wow! That’s pretty cool!” said Nicole. “How was that?”

“It was fun. The guys face was priceless, but it was a huge turn on for me. I love the taste of cum. But not it’s my turn to ask someone. Rachel, truth or dare?”

“Dare!” she said.

“Show us your boobs!” said Amber. She grabbed the bottom of her sweatshirt and pulled it up over her boobs revealing her bra, then pulled her bra down revealing her nice perky tits.

“Those are nice!” said Michelle who was sitting next to her. She reached over and grabbed her left boob, which was the closest to her. “Oh they are really nice!” Michelle took her hand off, and Rachel put her bra back in place and pulled her sweatshirt down back over her tits.

“Ok my turn”, said Rachel, turning to my girlfriend, “Truth of dare?”

My girlfriend looked confident, “Dare.”

“I dare you to go over and give your boyfriend a blowjob right here in front of us.”

“Well I don’t think that will be a problem!” said my girlfriend, as she began to crawl on her hands towards where I was seated. Everyone resituated to look at us, as she began to unbuckle my belt on my pants and pull down my zipper. I looked up to see all of her friends looking right at the action two feet below my eyes, just as I could feel my girlfriends warm mouth swallow my cock whole.

She worked her mouth up and down on my cock, while all of her friends continued to watch. She licked everywhere, making sure that no spot was left dry. She lifted her hand to jack off my cock in-between breaths, making sure I got full amounts of pleasure even when she was getting a small break. She put her mouth back down, trying to get all of it in her mouth, and began to fondle my balls with her fingers which she knows drives me over the edge.

After about five minute of constant action on my dick, I finally told her I was going to come, and as I was looking down at her, I heard of the girls say, “Make sure you swallow his cum!” My girlfriend didn’t slow down at all from hearing this, and I then began to release a nice load in to her mouth, which didn’t phase he at all, and continued sucking, making sure none spilled out, and swallowed all of it.

She got up and picked up her head to kiss me, and I happily kissed her back, thanking her for a job well done. She put her face against mine, and spoke softly in to my ear, “Now it’s time to get revenge on you.” She backed her head away with an evil grin spread across her face. She walked back to her place in the circle and sat down. She turned her attention to Michelle who was sitting next to her.

“Michelle, truth or dare?” Michelle lifted her head to the ceiling to think, then went to look back at my girlfriend to answer, resting her hands on top of her sleeping bag cover which was covering her lower half. She smiled back at her.


“I dare you to stand up to show off your body.” My first reaction was that’s lame! Just to stand up? Nothing else? I was disappointed in my girlfriend. Boy was I surprised when she stood up.

Michelle got up out of her sleeping bag, and hanging there, dangling between her thighs, was a big fat strap on dildo. You have got to be kidding me.

“I also dare you to go over and rape my boyfriend, but I guess you can’t rape the willing can you?” All the girls laughed. Obviously, this was pre planned before I had arrived to the sleepover. Michelle came over to me and forcibly brought me down to my knees, and bent me over the chair I had been sitting in. She pulled my pants down to my knees, and turned around to face my girlfriend again.

“Any lube?” she asked. My girlfriend put her hand in her pocket and pulled out a small bottle, and threw it over to Michelle. She opened the bottle and poured some right on to the dildo. She threw the bottle back to my girlfriend, and rubbed the lube all over the dildo and some on my hole. She then grabbed the dildo with one hand and one hang on my hip, and rammed the dildo all in my ass, filling me up to the hilt. All the girls started cheering, and encouraged Michelle to fuck me faster and harder with her strap on. She grabbed my shoulders to pull my more towards her, as I saw my girlfriend come around to my front and sat down on the floor. She just looked at me, and without warning spit in my face and slapped me across the face.

“You’re a fucking slut!” she said, inches away from my face. She began talking dirty to me, asking me if I loved being fucked hard, and telling me that I was a whore for anyone who wanted to use me.

Michelle pulled out, and bent down to spit in my hole. She walked around to my face, and stuck the dildo in my mouth, and started to face fuck me, pulling the back of my head down on her rubber cock, causing me to gag and spit all over the dick. I heard the lube bottle being opened again behind me, and a couple seconds later felt fingers making their way in to my gaping asshole. What I thought was just a couple fingers ended up being one of the girls entire fists sliding in to my hole, and then severely pumping it in and out, fist fucking me hard, causing me to moan on the rubber dick that was trying to make its way down my throat.

Whose ever fist was in my ass pulled out, and Michelle stopped fucking my throat. One of the girls behind me lifted me off the chair, and I was placed on my back on the floor. My legs were pulled open by two of the girls on each foot, and I lifted my head up to see Rachel coming at me with a huge black dildo in her hands, lubing it up as she did. My girlfriend, who was now naked, straddled over me, and lowered herself on to me, allowing my cock to sink in to her pussy. She started to bounce up and down on my cock, making herself moan. My concentrations on her broke when I felt the dildo push up violently in to my ass, and started to thrust in and out fast. Soon after she shoved the fake dick up my ass, I looked up and was face to face with a descending pussy, as I could quickly see it was Amber, who was now suffocating me with her cunt.

“Eat it bitch!” She yelled down at me. So I was now eating Amber out, while my girlfriend was bouncing up and down on my cock and Rachel was busy thrusting a huge fucking dildo in and out of my asshole. I was being used in all the ways I could. The two girls that were holding me legs open let go after a while, and I was not aware where they went until my girlfriend, who was in the middle of gasping and breathing heavily, suddenly spoke up.

“Wow, you guys are so hot laying there eating each other out!” Obviously that must of meant that it was Nicole and Michelle, who were engaged in a hot sixty-nine pussy eating action.

“Wow you’re so lucky, your boyfriend has a very talented mouth. He feels so good on my fucking cunt!” said Amber.

“Yeah I know, I trained him well. His cock feels amazing too!” I heard my girlfriend respond. I plunged my tongue deep in to Amber’s hole and she shouted an “Oh fuck!” out and grabbed my chest as she began to climax on my mouth. She tasted so good. She slumped off me, and her pussy was replaced by my girlfriends mouth, kissing me deeply while my cock was still buried in her pussy, and still bouncing up and down on my while she sucked my face, enjoying the new flavor that was in my mouth.

Rachel pulled the dildo out of my ass, and got up just as my girlfriend had one more orgasm from riding on my cock. She pulled me up, and bent me over the chair I had been bent over before, but this time I was bent at the waist, on my feet, and she tied my ankles to the two front legs and my wrists to the top of the chair. I looked behind me, to see all the girls standing there, as my girlfriend was passing out strapons to all of them, each of them all different colors and sizes, but none any smaller than two inches in diameter. I had no idea that my girlfriend had this many strapons, and she must have bought them for such a special occasion.

The first one to step forward was Nicole, who was supporting what looked like the John Holmes dildo strapped to her waist, one that I am quite familiar with from playing on my own. She stepped up, and grabbed my hips, as everyone else circled around us. With one strong thrust, she sunk the whole dildo straight up my ass, which made me curse and moan and the same time. She began to fuck me at a pretty consistent speed, and started to get creative with her hands.

While she was still fucking me, she reached up to my neck and wrapped her hands around my neck and fucked my ass brutally for a couple of seconds, which responded well with the girls around me. I was getting constant slaps on my ass from the girls around me, and some were coming in front of me and some point so spit in my face or mouth, calling me names as they did.

Nicole gave one last final thrust deep in to my asshole, and pulled out, not forgetting to slap my ass hard one more time before she let the next person take her position. I didn’t get to see who was behind me, but I felt the dildo push in, and it was definitely bigger than the last one. I felt my hole stretch, trying to adjust the larger intruder that was now making it’s way deep in to my hole. Whoever was behind the dildo was the not kind either, and as soon as the dildo hit bottom in my slop hole, she started to fuck at full force, grabbing my hair and pulling my head back as she began.

The girls around me got in to the harsh treatment too, calling me names, slapping my ass at whenever possible, and my girlfriend continued her verbal and physical assault on my face. I got roughly fucked for a good while by the huge strap on that was turning my ass in to hamburger meat. She suddenly pulled out, and a fist punched right in to my ass in place of the rubber cock, and I got brutally punch fucked for a couple on minutes until I feel got the break I needed.

The break only last five seconds, until another girl rammed her strap on up my slut hole. This one was smaller than the last one, so it was some sort of a break from the previous stretching, but again, the brutal treatment made up for the lack of inches around the cock dangling from her waist. Again, I didn’t know who was engaging in the fucking, but I did get face fucked by the rubber cock my girlfriend had on in front of me while I was getting my asshole plowed by whoever was behind me at the time. The others around me, feeling their hands on the back of my head, were pushing me in to my girlfriends cock, making it go further down my throat, farther than I thought it could go. I guess my rough treatment in the past from my girlfriend on my throat has been paying off.

After getting fucked in both my holes like a spit-roasted pig for a while, the last girl in the line-up was up. I was tired, sweaty, covered in all kinds of juices and saliva, and I felt used. I was still tied up over the chair, and my girlfriend knelt down in front of me before the last girl shoved her cock up my whore hole.

“Hi cutie. You look so adorable tied up and bent over the chair with your ass hole gaping open like this. Just so you know, Rachel is the only one left who hasn’t fucked you yet, and guess what, she has the biggest dick for you. Isn’t that great?” she said with a devilish smile.

I was breathing heavily, and could barely speak because I was so tired.

“How big is it?” I whispered. A smile crept across her face.

“Three and half inches, you little fucking cock slut,” and with that slapped me across the face. I had been degraded and abused, slapped and spit on, and yet I knew I deserved this, and deep down I loved having this done to me, which made me get turned on, and it wasn’t until someone sad something behind me that I noticed.

“Look! The little whore is getting excited by this!” She was talking about my hard on, which was dangling between my thighs.

“Oh now he is really going to get it,” said Rachel, “Don’t worry slut, I’m lubing this up really good.” I was looking down between my legs, and she stepped in to my vision, and I saw the monster that was the cock hanging between her legs, and for the first time I really got scared. This thing was huge, and I felt that she was literally going to rip me if it didn’t fit.

She stepped up closure behind me, and I felt the cold touch of lube on the outside of my ass, resting on my cheeks. It was so big that I could not feel it touching my hole at all at that point.

“Are you ready whore,” asked Rachel, “I’ll go slow, at first.” A couple of the girls laughed.

I felt her start to apply pressure slowly, and the dildo was now resting at my ass, separating my cheeks slightly, until she move slowly, allowing the cock to apply pressure to the entrance of my hole. She continued to push forward, as the pressure greatly increased, until it finally broke and the head of her horse cock entered my slutty hole making me gasp loudly, causing for someone to reach forward and put there hand over my mouth. I felt my hole stretch to limits I had not known existed. The pain was sharp, but the pleasure was intense. It felt as though someone was trying to take my ass out of my body, and then brutally put it back in again.

My ass stayed tightly wrapped around the dildo. Her pace began to quicken, and her thrusts became more brutal as it wore on. My ass was stretching out to a new width to accommodate the huge rubber dick. Rachel suddenly pulled out, and the group of girls gathered around gasped in amazement at the size of my gaped hole, which was leaking ass mucus, lube, and mixed juices like a faucet.

“Look at that thing!” said Nicole.

“Absolutely incredible!” said Michelle.

“I bet I can make it disappear!” said Rachel with a smile, and with that plunged the cock back up my ass with ferocious force making me scream out against the hand still covering my mouth. She was now fucking me with all of her strength, grabbing my waist with her hands and digging her fingers in to get the best possible grasp on me to pull me towards her as she thrust forward. She fucked me hard for what seemed like forever, and I eventually fainted from exhaustion and pleasure and became their fuck rag doll.

I don’t remember getting dressed, and I don’t remember what happened after I fainted. I woke up in my car, just as the sun was kissing the tops of the trees that were laid out in the distance. I was sitting in my car, my ass was very sore, and on my dashboard taped above the radio dial was a note. I stretched out and yawned, and ripped the note open, releasing it from the tape. I read the following:

“Good morning sleepy head. Just thought I’d let you know you did a great job last night. You took our cocks in your little slutty ass so well that you deserve a day of rest. I hope you have a nice long nap, but tomorrow I want you back in your room doing your normal daily stretching. Wouldn’t want all of our hard work to go to waste would we? Till then, I love you.”

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